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climate futures southeast asia

On accelerated anthropogenic climate change and its projected impacts on Southeast Asian population centres

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king context

We contextualise

  • Southeast Asia's current climate experience with scientific projections,

  • global acceleration of anthropogenic climate change with that in Southeast Asia, and

  • how these effects play out in different and unique ways across the subcontinent's socioeconomic classes, and

  • our failures in urban planning that greatly exacerbate fatal and destructive experiences of climate change.

These are broadly introduced in our Medium piece on climate change effects in Southeast Asia.


We study climate change events and human responses to them, such as Supertyphoon Rolly/Goni and the Philippine experience of 2020 typhoon season (read our Medium article).  Such learnings shed light on just how context is king - and provides learnings on designing for more agile, responsive approaches to preparedness.

November 2019 - present

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