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Researching to understand the origins of colonial urbanism and its systemic perpetuators - as a route to imagining socially-resilient decolonial cities in our apocalyptic climate futures

We collaborate with and support

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Colonial Buildings


Filling out our knowledge resources with academic and non-conventional knowledge, anecdotes and explorations by researchers, practitioners, politicians, artists - in books, articles, social media posts, video interviews, podcasts, visual art, etc.

We overlap with POSSIBLE FUTURES to network-weave to find experienced practitioners who are engaged with making visible and innovating within (de)colonial design.

November 2019 - present

design dialogues

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We hold dialogues with Global South practitioners on decolonial urbanism.  Our first was a Brazilian Portuguese session called "Decolonial Perspectives" held within The Nature Of Cities Festival.  The session was facilitated by POSSIBLE FUTURES Co-Explorer Anna De Nardin, and featured a Brazilian panel consisting of social justice activist and politician Tainá de Paula, innovative designer in social urbanism Fábio Moraes, and Lisbon-based urbanist and public space specialist Laura Sobral.

February 2021 - present

Portuguese subtitles available - automatic translations into English and other languages accessible through video settings.

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