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feral foster club

the cats aren't feral, the fosterers are

what is this?

"this" is a collaborative collective of independent stray cat carers in NCR+, Philippines.  we feed, rehabilitate, spay/neuter, foster and find forever homes.

what does it do?

we support each other, providing a space to ask for advice and learn from collective experience.
we collaborate to foster a culture of fostering.


we just don't get support elsewhere.  we are not affiliated with any formal animal welfare organisations in the Philippines.  and we intend to stay that way.


found a kitten?

Abandoned kittens Nov2022.jpg

You might've found a kitten in a dangerous spot, or a kitten who looks very ill or injured.
Their mother might be nearby, but get them immediately out of harm's way first.  Secure them, and wait to see if their mother comes for them.  Don't assume local stray carers are available to take them in.
You are the kitten's best hope.

neonate care

Lizzy & Oscar_CatsofTaal_Nov2022_edited.

Lizzy and Oscar are two orphaned neonate kittens who were taken in after being found abandoned at a parking lot.  They graduated from our communal incubator in November 2022.  They've had their first round of deworming and are growing quickly with their fosterers at Cats of Taal in Batangas.


We currently have two roaming communal incubators for fosterers of stray orphaned neonates.  Each incubator comes with an emergency supply of essentials for neonate care, including a starter pack of kitten milk replacement.  Fosterers maintain the equipment and replenish supplies as needed.

feral foster club

FFC Logo_Bastard.png

the cats aren't feral, the fosterers are

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