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Understanding core underpinnings of indigenous design - learning from the adaptability and resilience of original peoples

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Starting with the earliest colonised cultures, we focus on indigenous architecture and societal design in the Philippines and Brazil.  We research, explore and learn about the indigenous cultures that birthed the design concepts and processes that led to the local architecture and village planning that stewarded local bioregions for countless generations.

We overlap with POSSIBLE FUTURES to network-weave to find experienced designers who are engaged in sharing their unique traditional ecological knowledge and their incredibly important, regenerative contemporary work.

Often this starts with land and seed - taking us back to a deeper layer of Food Security Jugaad.

November 2019 - present

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designing the design process

We actively explore and innovate, taking our learnings bit by bit into embodiment into ourselves as designers, new ways to think about design and the design process itself.

Bespoke methodologies are required in each unique landscape as it interfaces with each unique culture and worldview.

This is not about cost-effectiveness or profit margins.  This is not about photo ops or greenwashing.

At the core of this effort is the need to design environments that inspire the gift of the rebirth of local human generations worthy of stewarding local biodiversity into our climate futures.

February 2021 - present

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