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kapon day

low-cost spay and neuter events in NCR South, Philippines

organised by local independent stray care and animal welfare advocates


Jan 2023



Feb 2023


doña manuela basketball court,
pamplona tres, las Piñas

Ask the guardhouse for

Cadena de Amor basketball court

Drop off 6.30am - 7.30am

Collect by 10.30am

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in partnership with

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kapon rates

registration required



Male cats

1,000 php

Female cats

1,300 php

(includes long-acting injectible antibiotics)

Male dogs <10kg

2,000 php

Female dogs <10kg

3,000 php

plus 100 php per kg exceeding 10kg

(includes long-acting injectible antibiotics)

Doc Gab's team conducts spay-abort surgeries at no additional cost.  They do not terminate late-term pregnancies, e.g. in the last trimester, due to the fatal risks to the mother.

Spay-abortions should always be conducted as soon as possible.  Biyaya Animal Care in Makati and PPBCC in Mandaluyong provide low-cost spay-abort services daily.


vaccination rates

walk-ins welcome, no fasting required.

please bring along pet health card


250 php

4-in-1 for cats

750 php

5-in-1 for dogs

450 php

6-in-1 for dogs

500 php

8-in-1 for dogs

600 php

venue costs

optional contributions

The organising team are independent volunteers active in animal welfare advocacy and stray care.  We don't get compensation for time spent designing, organising and facilitating our kapon days.  All rates listed above are the vet's rates.  We rent the venue and use our own equipment and supplies.  We often personally sponsor the spay and neuter of stray cats caught by ourselves and our stray feeder friends.  We are merely Southies working together as friends and advocates, and are not affiliated with any organisation.

Each kapon day costs us around 7,000 php to organise.

Should you like to support us with kapon day expenses, we accept contributions at our reception table.

We are a private initiative and reserve the right to deny patrons at our own discretion.


covid safe

The venue is an open-air covered court. Outdoor tables and seating will be sanitised regularly,

The vet team will be working in a dedicated area.

anti-parvo measures

Prior to crates and carriers being brought to our reception area, the area is disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, which effectively kills feline parvovirus over a curing period of 30mins.
The venue is thoroughly disinfected at the end of kapon day.

animal safety

Social distancing will be practiced between people and animals, particularly to ensure viruses do not get transmitted from individual to individual. This is supervised and ensured by at least two volunteers inside the venue, alongside Doc Gab's team. Any cats or dogs with clinical symptoms or chronic illness will undergo surgery last as an added precaution.
Our awesome volunteers ensure that each animal is kept clean and cared for while they are anaesthetised.


kapon: spay & neuter

why kapon?

We don’t want pregnancies and new litters.
We want to eliminate the chance of testicular, ovarian and breast cancer as pets get older.
We don’t want our pets to catch or spread contagious parasites or diseases.
Kapon should be accessible! Low-cost kapon options are important.

when to kapon?

  • 6 months or older

  • In heat a while ago, or are currently in heat

  • Suspected to be in early-stage pregnancy

  • Healthy enough to undergo surgery

pre-surgery prep

Individuals should be six months or older and healthy or fit for surgery.

Individuals must have fasted overnight for at least EIGHT hours (no food or water).

Individuals must be in secure carriers, one animal per carrier, lined with pee pads (we can provide pads if needed). The carrier should be able to comfortably accommodate the individual when they are lying down while still under the influence of anaesthesia.

TNVR welcome.  For feral individuals, we recommend carriers that are extra secure. Though our venues are either indoors or fenced, we have had escapes in the past while transporting feral strays from e.g. the car to the secure venue.


For freshly-neutered males, cage rest for 1 night.
For freshly-spayed females, cage rest for 1 week.
The objective is to prevent them from physically exerting themselves post-surgery by jumping or running.

After cage-resting, maintain observation for 3 more days.

General anaesthesia may take up to 2 days to wear off completely. Monitor your pet closely or mandate cage rest if you are worried they might still be wobbly and might hurt themselves.

Individuals may have a small meal 4h after getting home,
with meals as normal the next day.

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volunteer team led by

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