analyses, critiques, and interventions against colonial urbanism

urban doughnut

a spin-off from POSSIBLE FUTURES

three wicked problems

indicate societal collapse
common across global south cities

  • extreme inequality

  • colonial governance

  • late-stage capitalism

decolonial perspectives

of systemic health
in complex contexts
of colonial power structures

seeking ways to address
urban trauma
through generations past
as present generations
fail to grapple with
planetary systems collapse

colonial urbanism

climate futures cambodia

cats of decolonial futures

mainstream architecture and urbanism has their roots in colonialism. this creates entrenched systems of harm, oppression and violence by design.

accelerated anthropogenic ecological collapse is a dominant driver of change across the global south, particularly in southeast asia. understanding our climate futures well supports disaster preparedness.

urban authorities have long shirked responsibilities in enriching rural wellbeing. avoiding acknowledgement of the provinces' role as hinterlands perpetuates the decimation of rural economies, splintering rural communities in favour of slaving for urban economies.

concentration camps


research advisory