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Urban Doughnut is a sustainable design consultancy that exists to address three wicked problems common across the Global South:

Mainstream architecture and urbanism has its roots in colonialism.  This created entrenched issues with regard to the right to the city and systemic oppression - often of entire nations - by design.

Accelerated anthropogenic climate change is a dominant driver of change across the Global South, especially in Southeast Asia.  Our cities, towns and villages will continue to fail for more and more people as planners and designers fail to consider our climate futures.

Cities, towns and villages have long shirked their responsibilities in enriching rural wellbeing.  Decision-makers and designers do not acknowledge the provinces' role as hinterlands.  This has decimated rural economies and splintered rural communities as folk seek often meagre economic opportunities in urban areas.

who we are

We are design practitioners and researchers who bridge the worlds of architecture, urbanism, sustainability and climate.  We are explorers of planetary regeneration from the perspectives of cities, towns and villages across the Global South.


We are informed and inspired by POSSIBLE FUTURES, a Global South women-led co-creative initiative engaging folk around the world on concepts such as decolonisation, modernity and pluriversality.

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Samantha Suppiah    CEng MCIBSE


A design strategist for sustainability and regeneration, with particular expertise in architecture and urbanism, Samantha has a broad global perspective with a bold, radical approach to co-creative, iterative design strategy, focussing on long-term nature-based climate resilience and integrative network weaving.

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